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Behavioral Challenges

Sufferers of PTSD – Neurofeedback Shows Significant Promise

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has received huge amounts of publicity in recent years, with probably the vast majority of Americans […]

EMDR and Neurofeedback Two Alternative Treatments For Dealing With Trauma Or Other Brain Issues

The brain is the most complex organ in the body, and even with all of the recent advancements in medical […]

How ADHD Affects Your Child

Research has shown that ADHD does not affect the intelligence of children and the range of IQ is the same […]

Misuse & Abuse Of ADHD Medications

It’s no secret that colleges and universities across the country expect a lot of the students admitted into their student […]

Autism: Not Everyone is a Rainman

More and more children are being diagnosed with autism every year. Is autism somehow becoming the next fad diagnosis? What […]

Executive Functions – Is Your Child a “Marshmallow”?

Why do some children succeed in school and in life while others do not?  Well, there are a multitude of […]

Are You Struggling with Your Child’s School?

Almost all children with learning and behavioral challenges have trouble in school.  Sometimes the difficulties can be simply and informally […]