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Is ADHD Considered a Disability?

Nowadays, many different types of disorders can affect children. This is due to genetics as well as their immediate surroundings. […]

Regulate Emotions With Neurofeedback

Regulating one’s emotions should not be difficult, and if it is, that person likely suffers from acute psychological trauma, a […]

11 Videos That Best Explain What It’s Like to Have ADHD

ADHD is a highly misunderstood neurological disorder that makes it difficult for people to concentrate. Because not a lot is […]

Best ADHD Apps

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders in children today, with an estimated 11 […]

A Day in the Life of ADHD

A lot of people have heard of ADHD and are familiar with the more common symptoms of the disorder, including […]

Neurofeedback is a Viable Treatment for ADHD

The American Academy of Pediatrics has officially recognized neurofeedback as an effective treatment for ADHD. For children who have struggled […]

How to Help Your ADHD Child With Homework

Getting any child to do their homework can be a challenge, but getting a child who has ADHD to do […]