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Quantitative Electroencephalogram (Brain Mapping)

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ADHD, learning disabilities and behavior problems frequently have neurological correlates, meaning that they are often brain-based conditions. The surface of the brain is called the cortex and it produces electricity called EEG.

QEEG Brain MappingA boy is playing lego


Think of the cortex as an electrical grid.


For optimal functioning, all points on the grid should be lit up, on-line, so-to-speak, and communicating with one another. If one or more parts of the grid are off-line, then there will often be a disruption in the way the brain processes and responds to stimulation. The qEEG is a technique we use at The Reynolds Clinic where we take pictures of an individual’s brain wave activity (EEG) while they engage in normal activities like relaxing, reading or solving math problems.

picture of brain mapactual qeeg brain map