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ADHD in Adolescense

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By the time a child with ADHD reaches adolescence, hyperactive behaviors have usually diminished. However, because adolescence, by its nature, calls upon the young person to become increasingly autonomous, the difficulties they have often show up in the realms of organization, responsibility and self-direction.

Unfortunately, for the adolescent with ADHD, procrastination and lying often become a coping mechanism to get them through or around the demands they are failing to meet, thus complicating helping them with their ADHD. As a result, tensions in the household can build, leading to family discord and alienation.

Adolescence is really the preparation for adulthood. When we see our children failing to meet the challenges they face, it is easy to let anxiety and frustration determine the way you intervene. A well-engineered, compassionate but limit-setting approach with clear and consistent contingencies has the best chance for success in the long run while preserving your relationship with your adolescent.