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Homework Battles

As far as getting homework done, yelling rarely if ever works and is a clear indication that the situation has gotten out of control. Until homework-resistant children see that doing their homework is clearly in their best interest they will avoid or delay doing it or deceive their parents about how much there is or when it is due.

At The Reynolds Clinic we have developed a simple program to “re-engineer” the homework so that your child clearly sees how completing it directly benefits him. Our simple, incentive-based solution teaches parents how to shift the homework responsibility to their child. It’s called “Completing the Homework Loop”.

Completing the Homework Loop encompasses three basic steps: First, the child must have accurately and completely recorded what the homework assignments actually are. Second, the homework needs to be done completely and accurately. Third, the child has to then remember to hand in the homework the next day. How, you might wonder, are such miracles performed?

Parents often don’t realize and therefore fail to utilize the tools that their children give them. Take, for instance, the fact that your child who struggles to stay focused on the homework is often the very same child who appears to have no trouble whatsoever staying focused on a video game or on a television program. In fact, you may find yourself at times having to pry your child away from whatever screen they are entranced by.

At The Reynolds Clinic we provide a structured homework program based on well-established behavioral principles that teaches you how to harness what motivates your child in order to obtain compliance in areas that are difficult for them to manage, typically homework, bedtime routines and morning school preparation. Our program, which usually takes no more than 3 sessions to implement, turns homework into a game of “beat-the-clock”, bringing the assignments to their active consciousness while raising the interest level. The result is timely homework completion and behavioral compliance from your child which preserves the peace of the family.