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How ADHD Affects Your Child

Research has shown that ADHD does not affect the intelligence of children and the range of IQ is the same for both children with ADHD as those without this condition. However, Attention Deficit disorder has indirect traits that may affect the academic performance of your child in one or two ways making them struggle academically. It is vital to learn about ADHD and the specific ways in which your child is affected by it. Below are some of the ways in which ADHD might affect your child.


Planning and organization of materials might pose a great challenge for your child. School materials such as books and pencils will be disorganized and sometimes even get lost. Planning of assignments and projects will also be troublesome for the child. They will have difficulties in keeping track of relevant information needed in the management of their academic work.

Assignment Challenges

Because their minimal concentration span that makes them stay focused only for a short time, children with ADHD may take a short time to complete an assignment that would otherwise take the other children several hours to complete. The child might also be faced with memory problems that might make them not to remember what the assignment entailed or even worse forget to carry the relevant materials for the project home. Sometimes the child might lose the assignment along the way to school or even fail to submit it to the teacher upon arriving in school.

Performance Inconsistency

ADHD`s hallmark can be said to be inconsistency and might not be understood by many parents. The child might have good performance today but poor tomorrow. He might complete the assignment faster the first day but take several hours on the same amount of work the following day. You should not be shocked by this since this is a common trait in ADHD children.

Easy Distraction & Inattention

Unless they are faced with activities of high interest, they will have a hard time concentrating on tasks for long periods of time. This is a common trait for children with ADHD and should something new come up they will concentrate on it rather than the previous activity. The brain of your child will respond automatically to new events or sensations that may be appropriate or not. Inattention might make the child miss details when the teacher is teaching, when other students are talking or even when an assignment is being given. They will pay attention to everything around them rather than one activity in particular.


ADHD children with signs of hyperactivity may not show this trait but those without will have trouble with sitting still. They may be fidgeting or even walking around the class and house. They may be running to the washroom or just playing in class every time because this condition fills them with the urge to keep some part of their body constantly moving.

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