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Dyslexia (Reading Disability)

Dyslexia is not the inability to read. Children with dyslexia can read; they just have trouble with reading, often read slowly and have difficulty retaining what they read. There can be many reasons why a child may have trouble reading which is why a good diagnostic assessment is so important (click on Evaluation). However, here are some common signs to look for:

  • Mixing up of the mirror letters “b” and “d”
  • Writing letters like “s” and “p” backwards
  • The substitution of letters like the “I” for the “e” in “big” and “beg”
  • The reversal of letters, like seeing the word “was” but reading “saw”
  • Skips over words when reading out loud
  • Makes up words reading out loud
  • Reads slowly
  • Doesn’t like to read