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Closing Practice Letter


ADHD Adult Coaching

Adults with ADHD, if they have gotten any treatment at all growing up, have usually been on some kind of medication. But if the medication had provided a permanent solution, they would probably still be on it. Rarely do we see adults who had been placed on a medication as a child and continue to take it as an adult. Sometimes they have received traditional counseling but with limited effectiveness because they don’t usually have a lot to say about how they feel.

At The Reynolds Clinic, we take a different approach. What an adult with ADHD needs is to acquire the practical skills necessary to manage the day-to-day challenges they face like organization, time management, goal development and social skills. As they become better equipped to understand and manage their environments, self-esteem begins to build and their lives start to turn around. We treat a number of adults with ADHD who are often still dependent upon their parents because they have failed to develop the skills they need to live on their own. This is not a good situation for either and needs to improve before the dependency becomes permanent.