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– Attention Deficit Disorders Contribute to Rise in Divorce –

If you or your spouse perpetually forgets to pay the bills, loses focus when you’re speaking or neglects household chores, there may be a legitimate explanation:

Attention Hyperactivity Deficient Disorder (ADHD).

The behavior may have previously been considered lazy, inattentive or forgetful. However, it may be the result of a legitimate medical condition. Many children with ADHD fail to get diagnosed and treated properly which often means that the condition carries over into adulthood, creeping undetected into marriages.

Research suggests that adults with ADHD are twice as likely to get divorced. A number of studies have also found high levels of distress in 60 percent of marriages where one spouse had the disorder and had gone untreated.

These are some warning signs that may be an indication your spouse suffers from ADHD:

  • Edginess; short temper
  • World Class Procrastinator; multiple unfinished projects
  • Into everything but rarely finishes anything
  • Easily distracted
  • Poorly organized
  • Forgetful; loses things
  • Chronically late

Dr. Reynolds discusses how marital intervention in conjunction with Neurofeedback can be a powerful and effective alternative to medication.