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Closing Practice Letter

Treatments For Autism

Generally speaking, the sooner a child with autism begins to receive treatment the better the outcome. If the child is aggressive or violent, often medications are indicated. Unfortunately, the only medication currently approved for children diagnosed with autism who are aggressive is Risperidone (Risperdal). Other medications are often prescribed “off-label” meaning that they have not been officially approved by the AMA for use with this population. However, the medication of children with autism should only be considered as adjunctive, meaning that they should be used in conjunction with behavioral interventions.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Parent Coaching (PC)

These are two of the more prominent and well-researched approaches to helping children and families dealing with autism. Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientifically validated program designed to intervene directly with the child. ABA is based upon sound behavioral principles, especially the use of positive reinforcement, to address everything from behavior at the family dinner table to behavior in the classroom. Parent Coaching is designed to provide parents the tools they need to engineer the home environment to reinforce adherence to family routines and responsibilities. PC is a tool to educate and empower parents to gain confidence in their interventions and to avoid “burn out”.

In addition to providing evaluation and treatment for children and families coping with autism, the Reynolds Clinic also treats children and their families struggling with behavior problems such as oppositional defiant disorder and learning disabilities such as dyslexia (reading disability), dysgraphia (writing disability) and dyscalculia (math disability). We also attend school meetings (PPT’s) to ensure that children with special needs get all the support they need to succeed in school.