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Closing Practice Letter


At The Reynolds Clinic, we believe that many individuals with ADHD can be helped without having to resort to medications. Too often parents turn to medication before trying anything else. We are not against the use of medication; we believe, however, that they are prescribed too often and frequently before any other interventions are considered. Many children, adolescents and adults with ADHD can learn to function well without medications when given the chance.

Certainly there will be some for whom medication will be necessary, but medications don’t teach people the skills they need to manage their condition. Moreover, the effect only lasts for as long as they are on the medication. Furthermore, most children who are put on medication, assuming the side effects are tolerable, only stay on it for a few years. In other words, medication is rarely a permanent solution. At The Reynolds Clinic we are fond of saying “Skills before Pills”, meaning let’s empower people with ADHD by teaching them the skills they need to manage their lives successfully. It’s like the old adage: “Give someone a fish and they’ll not be hungry; teach someone to fish and they’ll never be hungry”.