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A Short But Informative Guide on EEG and qEEG

A girl with paint on her face is studyingThere is numerous information you can read online about quatitative EEG (qEEG) and EEG, but how many of those articles online can you trust? We will try to address that in this article. In this article, we will try to find out more about qEEG and EEG and the terms that you need to familiarize about them. Let’s get it on!

  1. What Is It?
    An EEG or Electroencephalography is a tool that will show the complete electrical activity of your brain. Whether you’re a researcher, a therapist or someone who’s interested in the workings of the brain, you may want to learn more about EEG because doing so can improve your brain’s health.
  2. How Does It Work
    You may be interested to know that EEG works by using sensors to your head and read the electrical activity in the brain. The electrical activity comes in the form of brain waves. These brain waves communicate to each other, which send billions of neurons to the brain. These neurons contain the messages that travel through the body.
    What the EEG does is it gives the doctors the map to how the brainwaves work for the doctors to improve the brain’s health.
  3. The Origins of EEG
    Did you know that the original of EEG came about when a diffident soldier named Hans Berger tried to prove that telepathy could be possible. He is now known to be the Father of the EEG. When something that seemed supernatural happened to him, he took advantage of it to find a creative solution to his problems. After being enervated by the incident, he then went on for research on how electrical activity could be traced. When he first discovered the first electromagnetic activity in the brain, he named it alpha, after the first Greek alphabet.
  4. The Discovery
    The first brainwave activity was discovered in 1924. When the discovery was made, it was also found that the electrical activity of our brains is directly related to what our bodies do. When our bodies are enervated, this is also reflected in the brain activity.
  5. Link To Psychological Changes
    Various studies also found that the link between brain activity and the electronic changes in the records found by the EEG. When people have psychological changes in their bodies, it is through an EEG that the doctors can try to find out the causes and how to remedy them.
  6. New Developments
    Ever since EEG was discovered, there has now been so many changes in its operations. Many outdated modules and fatuous teachings were already expurgated from the new methods that EEG is done. One of these new changes is the discovery of qEEG (Quantitative EEG).

qEEG is basically the same EEG, but it differs in how data is discovered, processed and analyzed. Because of new changes in the development of computers, it’s now easier to analyze large amounts of brain activity data. qEEG is now able to measure so many factors at the same time, while EEG can only do it one at a time.