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Dr. Robert Reynolds PHD

Dr. Reynolds received his masters and doctorate (PHD) from Georgia State University in 1992.  He became involved with EEG Neurofeedback training in 1978 while a Research Assistant at UCLA in the laboratory of Dr. Barry Sterman. Dr. Sterman is the scientist who first demonstrated both the practicalities of training brain wave activity, as well as its clinical application to human conditions such as epilepsy.

While working in the UCLA lab, Dr. Reynolds observed first hand the kinds of benefits that accrued to the patients who were training there. In particular, he saw the improvement in their overall intellectual and emotional functioning, as well as in their physical condition.

Over fifteen years ago, Dr. Reynolds created Connecticut Education Services (CES), now called The Reynolds Clinic, to fill a need in the services available to people with brain based disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder and Acquired Brain Injury. While Neurofeedback has long been a successful treatment for these conditions, it has predominantly been available on the West Coast. Until he organized CES, no one in the Northeast had yet chosen to invest in the treatment of brain based disorders with Neurofeedback.

Dr. Reynolds’ approach to clinical services is genuinely unique. From the inception of the clinic, he has insisted that all treatment be provided by Licensed Psychologists and Licensed Registered Nurses. In addition, he foresaw the need to provide these services in the context of a complete range of psychological, rehabilitative, and educational services. Every case is followed and supervised by Dr. Reynolds in order to assure all aspects of care are addressed, from individual Neurofeedback, to therapy, to family education.

As a result, his clinic has become a sought after resource to provide education, training and professional development programs for schools and other health care providers. Throughout the year, he provides free educational seminars for parents of children with Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders, as well as in-service training programs on educational problems such as classroom behavior management. His appearances on television and radio talk shows have regularly generated some of the highest audiences response ever seen by these media outlets.