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Ryan has shown great improvements with his behavior and schoolwork since starting your program. Thank you and your nursing staff for your kindness and patience with Ryan.
Reviewing: The Reynolds Clinic
Date: 05/16/2015
5 / 5 stars


From Nancy Cowser, mom of 10 year old Reynold’s Clinic client.

“My ten year old son has worn many different “labels” over the years, none of which seemed to completely capture his
struggles. He was behind in so many areas, but there was no “diagnosis” that seemed to really fit. Finally, in January of
2014, he underwent an intensive neurological assessment. The results were devastating. In addition to three significant
learning disabilities, he was diagnosed as high-functioning autistic, and with ADHD. The primary recommendation was
My husband and I were desperate to try everything possible before medicating our son. While we are not at all against
medication when absolutely necessary, we were very concerned that medication would dull him- that in our quest to
help him focus we would also be dimming all the awesome things about his personality. We therefore engaged with a
terrific therapist, who recommended that we consider neurofeedback.
I did a tremendous amount of research, which eventually led me to an information session at the Reynolds Clinic.
And I was floored. It just made so much sense. We therefore scheduled an appointment to see if our son was a good
candidate. By that time we were even more desperate. Our son’s behavior was spiraling. He was moody, defiant,
was acting incredibly immature for his age, even resorting to tantrums, and was feeling stupid and incompetent. My
beautiful, happy boy was disappearing.
Our meeting with Dr. Reynolds was refreshing. He explained neurofeedback in great detail, but also explained that a
child as complex as Donovan would be a challenge. He offered no guarantees but felt certain that if our son truly tried
his hardest, it would help.
The results have been stunning. Our son’s complete engagement started from day one. He loved the staff immediately
and looked forward to every session. And we did, too. After each session, the staff would go over the results in detail
and answer any questions. They even checked in between sessions to see how we were doing. We felt that “we were in this together”. They cared deeply about our son’s progress and were committed to his success.
As of today:
• My son is able to focus for long periods of time.
• His ability to stay calm and relaxed is almost unreal – I can’t even remember when he last had a tantrum.
• His teachers report that he is now “available for learning”. In other words, his learning disabilities are no longer
exacerbated by an inability to focus.

And most stunningly, he is “hanging out” with other kids. He has joined Cub Scouts and a running club. Is he a social
butterfly? No. But he is trying, and he is able to speak to people confidently and engagingly. He is on his way.
I therefore can’t recommend the Reynolds Clinic highly enough. In fact, we are planning to engage in more sessions in
the near future!”

Jordan, follow-up 6 years after completing the Neurofeedback Program.

“When I was in 7th grade my life changed drastically. I went from being an average B student to straight As. Before I went through this program I was steadily sliding down a slippery slope of struggle after struggle with little to no reward. I probably wouldn’t be anywhere that I am today if it wasn’t for the Neurofeedback program. Today I am a strong, confident person who truly believes in this training. I have tried many other processes and therapies, nothing else works. This is the only process that has stuck because it truly is a permanent cure. I would recommend it to absolutely anyone. You have to be dedicated to change your life and once it does, it changes it for the better!”


“On behalf of our family, I wanted to send a thank you for all your help and support as we (and particularly Sam) went through the behavioral and neurofeedback therapy. We have seen such a marked improvement in both the ADHD and the ODD, and as promised, improvement continued after treatment completed. I watch Sam pause now before responding and making substantially better choices in “ODD situations” that he would not have made before. In addition to his handwriting becoming visibly neater (as noted by his teachers), his homework duration has gone from four hours a night down to one or less. He is now able to look for pockets of time during school to complete his homework and sometimes comes home to a night where he can just do his chores and then hang out and relax. That really is the best reward of all as he is able to complete his work and still feel like he gets some time to relax while succeeding at school. In addition to all of this great news, Sam was 1 of 28 students to be accepted to the full-day program at the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering magnet school in Hartford that were not already in the feeder middle school. He will start as a freshman in the fall. We are all very excited for him, but most of all, I feel that we have done everything possible to help him be successful in high school in this challenging program, and now it’s up to him to pursue the many opportunities this school will bring. Dr. Reynolds was pretty instrumental in helping us broker an agreeable high school path with Sam’s dad for which I am personally grateful. Thank you so much to all of you for what you’ve done for our entire family, and specifically for Sam. We are all grateful this opportunity was even available and are so thankful for the outcome. My best to ·each of you -and please know what a difference you have made in our lives. ”


“On behalf of the Scouts, Leaders and Committee of Troop 4, Wallingford, Connecticut, it is my pleasure to announce that Timothy age 17, has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and will be recognized at a Court of Honor on June 2, 2013. To become an Eagle Scout, Timothy earned 24 merit badges and served his troop in a variety of leadership roles. He also completed a major service project, planning, designing and leading the renovation of the south sidewalk at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Troop 4’s sponsor organization and also the church Timothy is a member of. Timothy is currently a senior at Mark T. Sheehan High School and has been accepted into the honors program at the University of New Haven Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences. He is planning to major in Forensic Science. As you may recall, Timothy was treated for dysgraphia at your clinic ten years ago. He has enjoyed much success, had accumulated many awards including Rotary Club citizen of the year, was recently named a Varsity Scholar for the class of 2013, and is currently number four in his class. We are forever grateful for the help he was able to receive through your program and the neurofeedback treatment! “

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