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A holistic approach to treating life's challenges without the side effects of medication.

Treatments For Autism


Generally speaking, the sooner a child with autism begins to receive treatment the better the outcome. If the child is […]

Autism: Not Everyone is a Rainman

rainman video screenshot

More and more children are being diagnosed with autism every year. Is autism somehow becoming the next fad diagnosis? What […]

ADHD & Childhood Trauma

frustrated girl with adhd

While ADHD is a real issue among many, children, adults and teens. Many doctors are quick to categorize misbehaving children […]

ADHD Medications: Side-Effects of Straterra®, Quillivant®, Concerta® & Ritalin®

side effects of adhd medication

Straterra®:(Side-Effects) Straterra® is meant primarily for use in older teens and adults to control and help the effects of ADHD. […]